A letter from London

Dear friends in Zwettl,

This is only a short message giving you a bit of information about our stay in this amazing city. There`s so much to see – not only the famous historic buildings like St. Paul`s , Buckingham Palace or The Tower of London – but also modern landmarks like the London Eye, the O2 (previously known as the  Millennium  Dome ) or Canary Wharf, a major business district with many of the U.K.’s tallest buildings.

We have been staying here for six days now, and everyone has been busy exploring London at their own pace, which  - I think - has become a lot faster as we have had to adapt to the vivacity of the place.  Yet, in spite of the hustle and bustle, you always get the chance of taking a rest in one of London’s wonderful parks.
A week of studying (English classes in the morning), work (field work for our week’s topic “Retailing”) and fun (sightseeing and entertainment) has nearly finished …
Learn more about this experience reading statements and reports which students of our group (4ABK) will provide soon……
      Best regards
      Eva Schindlecker- Schmotz

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